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Medical Collateral Ligament Avulsion


Michael had a very interesting injury to his left knee in April 2017 while skiing. He was actually referred by another patient, and came to me with a delayed presentation. He had had a very nasty tumble while skiing and had pulled off his medial collateral ligament, together with a large piece of bone. This is quite an […]

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Combined HTO and DFO

Paul had severe bowing of his left leg, which necessitated a double-level osteotomy to fully correct it. Pre-op and planningPaul tells his own story Post-op X-rays showing plates Paul adds -“I had had several knee operations previously, including an ACL reconstruction, due to various rugby injuries. I was referred to Professor Wilson after initially meeting […]

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Research on allograft bone wedges in osteotomy


James Belsey is doing a PhD under me on the use of allograft bone wedges in osteotomy surgery. James BelseyCurrently studying for a PhD in Returning to Physical Activity After High Tibial Osteotomy With and Without Graft Materials at the University of Winchester James is a sport scientist and researcher who gained a first class […]

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Bilateral TKR for valgus knees


I first met Angela in August 2017. She had a very severe valgus, or knocked kneed, appearance in both of her knees which had become progressive over the last decade or so.  She had undergone stem cell therapy a few years back which helped a little, and after she consulted me we tried again with Lipogems […]

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Tri-compartmental arthritis managed with TKR


Clive is a 60 year old gentleman who came to see me a few years back with a complex problem with his left knee. He had seen several orthopaedic surgeons in the past and he had a progressive valgus (or bow-legged angulation) on the left side and lateral meniscal deficiency, having previously had a lateral […]

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TKR in Cornish Potter


This is a great story. Cheryl is a really charming 70 year old who works as a potter in Cornwall and really enjoys her recreational walking there. She had problems with her right knee many years ago and had an arthroscopy locally in 2010. This helped her symptoms but she was never able to get back […]

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Ideal candidate for HTO


David really does represent the most typical demographic for a high tibial osteotomy procedure – early fifties, old injury involving the medial compartment, and eventual bone-on-bone arthritis with significant varus alignment (bowing). At 51 years of age David underwent a high tibial osteotomy on the right side under my care in January 2017. Prior to surgery he […]

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First Mumbai Osteotomy Course – India 2018


I am looking forward to this meeting, which is being hosted by Anant Joshi and Bhushan Sabnis in Mumbai in March 2018.​ Click image below for full programme:Enter your text here… Related posts No results have been returned for your Query. Please edit the query for content to display. Adrian Wilson Click for Website

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Realignment osteotomy for debilitating knee pain


​Patients with early arthritis and early bowing can do extremely well from a realignment osteotomy. This patient – Caroline – is a fit 54 year old lady who had an early failing medial compartment in her right leg (on the left of the X-ray) and was in varus (bowing of that leg). She was sent to […]

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Looking forward to golf again after a UKR


Julie had a lateral partial knee replacement done on the 9th of December 2017. When I saw her at 6 weeks she was doing very well, was off her crutches and keen to get back to golf. She was really quite disabled with the knee prior to surgery and was struggling to get round the […]

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