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First UKKOR Report 2018

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Twelve years ago Neil Thomas and I dreamed about setting up a UK database for osteotomy surgery. We collected data for many years and then combined our datasets with those of Matt Dawson in Carlisle and Chris Wilson in Cardiff. David Elson was our fellow and worked between our three units 3 to 4 years ago, […]

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BASK 2018


This year we have six papers at BASK. John Dabis – my fellow – is doing three podium presentations. John Dabis supporting his poster presentatioJohn Dabis giving a plenary presentationThe topic of John’s presentation Adrian WilsonIt’s great to see my team in action at the BASK meeting (British Association for Surgery of the Knee).Over the […]

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ESSKA Instructional Course Lecture


I was recently asked to contribute to a chapter for an instructional course lecture for ESSKA on osteotomy. It has just been published in the ESSKA Journal (2018). Osteotomies: The Surgical Details You Want to KnowR. J. van Heerwaarden, S. Schröter, R S. Khakha, A. Wilson, D. Pape, P. LobenhofferPages 93-107The chapter is a collaboration […]

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Double-level Osteotomy


Tracey is a 53 year old lady who came to me with very severe lateral anterior knee pain on the left side and to a lesser degree the right. You can see from the video just how knock-kneed she was. She was really at the end of her tether and was struggling to walk.Double-level osteotomyTracey […]

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Total knee replacement at 84


Eveline is a delightful 84 year old lady who has had problems with the left knee for many years. She is extremely fit and wanted to be more active but found that the knee was significantly slowing her down. She came to see me with her son on the 5th February 2018 and at that […]

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First Mumbai Osteotomy Course March 2018


March 2018 took us off to the exciting first Mumbai osteotomy course. It has been organised by my previous fellow and osteotomy expert Mr Bhushan Sabnis. Bhushan is a consultant working with Anant Joshi who is possibly the best known knee surgeon in India and who looks after many of the Indian elite athletes.Bhushan joined […]

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Closing wedge HTO after inadequate ACL


Jay is someone with an interesting and complex problem with his left knee which I hope is now sorted out with an osteotomy procedure. I first met Jay back in May 2017. He had undergone an ACL procedure with a lateral tenodesis (a graft reinforcement of the side of the knee) and sadly never really […]

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Medical Collateral Ligament Avulsion


Michael had a very interesting injury to his left knee in April 2017 while skiing. He was actually referred by another patient, and came to me with a delayed presentation. He had had a very nasty tumble while skiing and had pulled off his medial collateral ligament, together with a large piece of bone. This is quite an […]

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Combined HTO and DFO

Paul had severe bowing of his left leg, which necessitated a double-level osteotomy to fully correct it. Pre-op and planningPaul tells his own story Post-op X-rays showing plates Paul adds -“I had had several knee operations previously, including an ACL reconstruction, due to various rugby injuries. I was referred to Professor Wilson after initially meeting […]

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Research on allograft bone wedges in osteotomy


James Belsey is doing a PhD under me on the use of allograft bone wedges in osteotomy surgery. James BelseyCurrently studying for a PhD in Returning to Physical Activity After High Tibial Osteotomy With and Without Graft Materials at the University of Winchester James is a sport scientist and researcher who gained a first class […]

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