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AAOS March 2017

AAOS 2017

The American Academy meeting in San Diego (AAOS 2017) was an amazing meeting – the largest of its kind for the Orthopaedic Surgeons and for the Industry. Over 10,000 surgeons attended, including  a large delegation from the UK. As always I personally learned a lot as well as hopefully taught others about my own ideas and […]

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Visit to AlloSource in Colorado, March 2017

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In March 2017 I went to Denver, Colorado with some other surgeons to visit AlloSource – one of the largest tissue banks in the USA and now one of the leading allograft centres.  I went with a team of individuals including another leading UK surgeon, Ram Venkatesh, and my knee fellow, Rags (Raghbir Khakha), to discover […]

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Rehabilitation after ACL Repair

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Rehabilitation after ACL Repair in children and adults is similar but there are also some differences. We use the Tanner scoring system to guide both our management and our rehabilitation. In terms of rehabilitation, we differentiate between Tanner 1 and 2 – the very young ones, generally speaking less than 13 in boys and less […]

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Orthopaedic Technology and Innovation Forum -Naples Florida January 2017

At a faculty forum about 5 years ago I first presented my concepts on reinforcing ACL and PCL surgery with extra-articular reconstruction using FiberTape. At the time people in the audience were very sceptical. It was very new. One surgeon who was very well known and respected – Don Johnson – stood up and shot […]

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Arthrex Live Event – January 2017

Arthrex live is the second live surgical training event we have held at the Ark at the North Hampshire Hospital. There were approximately 100 delegates, mainly senior surgeons from the UK. The first was in 2016 and we used the same formula. What we wanted to achieve was to introduce the concepts of ACL all-inside surgery, […]

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History of ACL Repair

History of ACL repair

There has been a recent resurgence of interest in the procedure of ACL Repair (as opposed to ‘ACL reconstruction), and this is due to improvements in imaging and the way we can visualise the ACL, as well as advances in surgical instrumentation and technique, and improved rehabilitation. Refer to ACL Repair Medi 2016 ppt From an historical […]

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Bilateral simultaneous unicompartmental knee replacement


This gentleman, born in 1946, has had 20 years of progressively-worsening knee pain, where he was struggling to walk a mile but could really only manage 50-60 yards before needing to take a break. He also had a lot of night pain. He has always been very active, especially enjoying off-shore sailing – in fact 6 years […]

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Minimally-invasive high tibial osteotomy in a trauma patient

Minimally-invasive high tibial osteotomy with a bone wedge obtained from the tissue bank helped Andrew to rehabilitate rapidly and with very little pain. Thirty years ago this unfortunate patient fractured his right tibia and fibula and was managed in plaster for six months. The injury left him with some deformity and, although his ankle always […]

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Osteotomy, knee replacement & the value of sharing ideas


This is a report back from a recent (Oct 2016) visit to the premier osteotomy centre in Europe (& possibly the world), where I was hosted by surgeons Philipp Lobenhoffer and Kristian Kley – good friends of mine and individuals that I have learned so much from over the last decade. Kristian organised a really exceptional programme […]

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Parental allograft – father’s hamstring used for child’s PCL


This case presentation is of an 11 year old boy who had a posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) reconstruction using parental donation – innovative not only because of the use of parental live allograft tissue but also because it was a PCL reconstruction in a very tiny patient.

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