Back on the bike after high tibial osteotomy

back on the bike after osteotomy

I tore my meniscus playing football about fifteen years ago.

After a 2-year wait, this was eventually repaired with an arthroscopy operation at my local hospital, enabling me to carry on playing squash and running for the next fifteen years.

However, the meniscus cartilage and joint cartilage on that side of the knee continued to wear unevenly until it reached a point where walking was painful and squash was out of the question.

I was referred to Professor Wilson by my local GP and hoped that another arthroscopy would enable me to carry on playing squash, running and cycling. Although he carried out a microfracture procedure on the joint to stimulate some scar cartilage growth the gap the meniscus cartilage used to occupy was just too large. While I could cycle, regular walking was still quite painful.

Too young for a knee replacement

My options were an osteotomy or a full knee replacement. I was considered too young for a knee replacement, which might have needed replacing again if I continued with my general level of activity.

Professor Wilson recommended an osteotomy to realign my leg so that the weight bearing point in my knee would shift to the side that still had reasonable cartilage support. The operation went well but involved a significant amount of rehabilitation. I was off work for six weeks and needed a fair amount of physiotherapy to regain the lost muscle mass.

Back in the saddle!


Twelve months on, I’m cycling about 300 miles a month and have even managed a moderate hill walking holiday, which wouldn’t have been possible before the operation. I would definitely recommend an osteotomy, but would suggest not underestimating the recovery time and rehab needed.

adrian wilson

Professor Wilson

Brendan has very kindly agreed to do a testimonial following his right high tibial osteotomy (HTO). He is back comfortably hill walking and cycling and these are things that he couldn’t do prior to surgery.

We did the HTO in August 2016 and he had a great result.The only real alternative would have been a total knee replacement. He has done really well following the surgery.

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