Bilateral TKR for valgus knees


I first met Angela in August 2017. She had a very severe valgus, or knocked kneed, appearance in both of her knees which had become progressive over the last decade or so. 

She had undergone stem cell therapy a few years back which helped a little, and after she consulted me we tried again with Lipogems just to help her pain, but really mechanically knee replacements were always on the cards and this is where we felt that we would be heading with her treatment.

X-rays and MRI scanning had confirmed grade IV bone-on-bone arthritis with well preserved medial and patellofemoral compartments, but she was just so valgus that I felt the right way to go was to a total knee replacement. We could, of course, have tried to realign the limbs with osteotomies as she is a very active lady, but in this situation I elected to go for bilateral total kneereplacement as we certainly would get a better result overall with such severe valgus.

arthritis of knee
arthritis knee
knee arthritis
Arthritis knee

Bilateral total knee replacement

The knee replacements were technically challenging because of the severe valgus, but we did both simultaneously two weeks before this publication, and I am delighted to say that Angela - who was virtually pain free the day following surgery - could comfortably bend to 90 degrees.

Total knee replacement
total knee replacement from side
total knee replacement

Follow-up at two weeks

She very sensibly went off to rehab for a week after discharge and she was with us just for a day or two and at two weeks she has walked in today able to walk without crutches and again complaining of virtually no pain. I think it is a testament to this operation that in the right patients we can get excellent early function and patients can recover with minimal pain, although of course Angela is a very good example and is as good as we would really hope to expect with this type of surgery.

2 weeks post TKR

I am just delighted that she has had such a great result from this complex procedure. These videos show that recovery is pretty impressive at two weeks!

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