17th ESSKA Congress 4-7 May 2016, Barcelona

Our group has several presentations - both podium and poster - and I have two lectures that I am giving - one is part of the osteotomy session.

We are also incredibly pleased to have had TEN videos accepted into the ESSKA Academy in the Techniques section:

All-inside PCL Reconstruction with a Medial Opening Wedge HTO using the PEEKPower Plate (not up yet)
Medial Meniscal Repair using the Sharpshooter Meniscal Repair System (not up yet)

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I have been invited along with several European experts to talk about my philosophy and ideas as part of the teaching session for ESSKA’s academic programme. I’m very proud to have been asked to do that. I have also been asked by the soon-to-be-President Romain Siel to become part of the ESSKA osteotomy group.

ESSKA Academy

  • Educational webcasts
  • Video techniques
  • Video submission for evaluation
  • Access to KSSTA Journal
  • Slide show section covering all the lectures from ESSKA’s biennial congress
  • Video podcasts
  • Learning Quizzes

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