Meniscal healing with modern injectable

Gordon (62) has done brilliantly from a simple steroid and hyaluronic combined injection (C1ngal).

Gordon is very fit and active gentleman, and enjoys trekking and sailing. He sustained a tear to the medial meniscus of his right knee which we can see on the MRI scan in the video below. You can see that he has got a bit of fluid in the back of the knee, the joint surfaces are a little bit disrupted - but it is essentially very early wear and it is a fairly stable tear. It has got a flat component and I did think there was a possibility that we might need to debride that. But in March 2018 we tried an injection of combined hyaluronic acid and steroid (C1ngal), and now in September it's great to see that Gordon's had the busiest summer that he has had in years in terms of his trekking and his sailing. He is completely pain free and that's over 6 months down the line. This is a good example of how someone can respond to simple injection therapy with a problem that really doesn't need to be addressed with surgery (which is how often it traditionally was).

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