Newcastle osteotomy masterclass July 2017

Northern Osteotomy Class 2017
Northern Osteotomy Class 2017

The Northern Osteotomy Course was this week (July 2017) up in Newcastle, and it was the third meeting at the St James Park Venue. The course was organised by Matt Dawson and David Elson, and the rest of the UK osteotomy team were there to support them - myself, Mike Risebury, Chris Wilson and our previous Fellows.

We of course had our international friends and the international leading surgeons in osteotomy join us, including Roman Seil, Ronald van Heerwarden, Konrad Slynarski, Dietrich Pape from Luxembourg (Roman Seil's partner and a true enthusiast of osteotomy surgery). We also had Bob Tietge speaking and teaching. Bushan Sabnis - my previous Fellow and very close friend - came from Mumbai to talk about his experience. We also had Kristian Kley from Hannover talking about his experience with MIS osteotomy surgery (minimally invasive).

The main change in this teaching event was that it was the fist cadaveric teaching event that we have run, taking over the Newcastle cadaveric teaching lab. We had 18 cadaveric specimens with the full length of the leg, so it was really lifelike for the surgeons, with over 70 delegates from all over Europe. It was a sellout within a very short time because of the uniqueness of the cadaveric teaching.

Northern Osteotomy Class 2017
Northern Osteotomy Class 2017
Northern Osteotomy Class 2017
Northern Osteotomy Class 2017

We were able to show hands-on how to deal with the soft tissues, and then when we placed our K-wires, cut the bone, and realigned this was all done under fluoroscopic control in the lab - so really as lifelike as we could make it, and a truly fantastic teaching experience!

Professor Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson

The two days included an overview of osteotomy - the basics and some more complex information for the delegates - together with this fantastic hands-on workshop in the cadaveric lab.I have got to take my hat off to Dave and Matt for pulling this off as it was incredibly expensive and logistically very complicated to set up - but really a fantastic achievement.

We look forward now to the 10th Osteotomy Masterclass in Basingstoke, which is coming up in December 2017.

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