Use of PRP in a long distance runner

Clare Coyle offers her own experience with PRP injections.

As a keen runner I was in the depths of despair 16 months ago having been diagnosed with arthritis in my right knee and been warned that I may not be able to run again. Fast forward to today and I'm happily running again. A combination of a course of PRP and physiotherapy along with a change of approach away from running ever further and faster to just enjoying running for what it as well as avoiding running on tarmac is has meant that I now run 20 miles a week without any pain. Despite my new attitude to running and without properly focused training, I've achieved personal bests in all the distances I've raced in since the diagnosis including the amazing experience of finishing a 10k race with a lap of the Olympic stadium! And I've branched out into triathlon which I would have never done if I didn't need to find sports with less impact on my knee. So convinced am I that the PRP has had a significant impact on my ability to continue running that as soon as my dog was diagnosed with arthritis, I asked whether he could have a course of treatment!

Clare Coyle
Long distance runner

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