14th Medi Sportsmedicine Conference 2017

Faculty 14th Medi meeting 2017

This was the 14th Medi sportsmedicine innovation forum which is held by Prof Andreas Imhoff from Munich and supported by the Medi bracing company.

Andreas Imhoff always attracts a very high level all faculty and this conference was the same high standard as the previous years.


The three-day conference covered all aspects of sportsmedicine and there were some great talks on innovation and results.

ALL update

I gave presentations on the anterolateral ligament gave an update to the group about where we are with this ligament procedure and also spoke about my innovations in PCL surgery with internal grace reinforcement with fibre tape.

Paediatric PCL Case with parental allograft

I also presented my case where I carried out PCL Reconstruction using a live parental allograft in an 11 year old boy . This brought about much discussion as there were many aspects of this procedure that were novel.

In particular I explained how I went below the growth plate on the tibia - drilling low - and on the femur I stayed below the growth within the epiphysis bone.

He was such a small 11 year old that his own tissue would have been inadequate for this procedure, so I used his father's hamstring tendons which I reinforced with fibre tape.

On the back of this a leading surgeon from Barcelona in Spain asked me to attend the PCL symposium next April to talk through my innovations once more.

Osteotomy update

Andreas and I spoke about osteotomy surgery and innovations in terms of new plates, minimally invasive surgery and the use of a bone wedge to fill the void. I presented our series of 1000 cases and this was very well-received. Andreas Is an extremely efficient person and has already asked the faculty to attend the next year symposium, and  asked the faculty members to suggest topics for the 2018 symposium.

Adrian Wilson

Brochure Medi 2017

MEDI 2017 - click image for full programme

Professor Adrian Wilson
PCL lecture

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