5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Away From Vaping

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Children are always the centre of the universe for their parents. Once you become a parent, all of your decisions, your lifestyle and your future plans change according to the needs of your kids. I know a lot of people, who have stopped smoking or any other related activity just because they do not want their kids to have an influence.

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Our Top Tips

If you as a parent are switching to a healthier option like vaping, below are some of the things that you can do to keep your kids safe while you make the change.

Keep Your Vapouriser and All Other Related Supplies Out of the Reach of Children

It’s always the little things that we don’t pay much attention to. It’s a given that you’re supposed to keep all of your vaping supplies somewhere your kid can’t reach them or find them. The smells offered by the e-liquid or the looks of your e-cig with its bright colours and lights might look appealing to your underage kid.

A kid coming in contact with the e-cig product and supplies can be a real problem because of the related illness, nicotine addiction, hardware damage or simple e-liquid spillage that can be a great headache for you.

There are already so many negative stories about underage kids getting their hands on e-cigs that not only destroy the image of the vape community but also of their parents, try not to be one of them.

Explain To Your Kids That Vaping Is Not For Them

Vaping is only for adults so if your children are not above the legal age limit, make sure that you clear them that vaping is not for them. Tell them that their attempts to approach your vaping supplies will never be taken easily. i’m not telling you about how to do this, I’m pointing out the fact that underage kids are not supposed to vape and it’s important for you to know that as well as for them for the sake of your and their safety.

I will even insist that you figure out a secret space where you can vape comfortably. Children are like robots, they see and then they do, and if they’ll see one of their role models doing something, there is no chance they will restrain from trying it out. That is why try not to vape so much in front of them and take out some ‘me-time’ to sit in a secret corner and vape comfortably. Click here for vaping kits.

Tell Them Why You Vape

A lot of vapers are usually a smoker at some point and they make their transition to vaping so they can quit smoking. If this is the scenario with you then you can be open about it with your kids and tell them how smoking is a life-threatening habit that even affects the person sitting next to a smoker because of the passive smoking.

Tell your kids the truth that your vaping is a mean of an alternative for the sake of quitting smoke.

Money Saved From Quitting Cigarettes

When you switch to vaping, you realize that it’s a very inexpensive habit as compared to smoking where you had to spend thousands on cigarettes each year. It’s a good idea to pick up your calculator and do some math to find out how much you are saving and then deposit that money in a saving account. This money can then be used for a family trip, your kid’s college fund or any other family activity which will send your kid a message that your decision of quitting smoking was for the good of the family.

Stop smoking today!

Tell Your Kids That Vaping Is Not About Being Cool

A lot of e-cigarettes and vapourisers that are available in the market come in sleek and sexy high-tech designs with bright and beautiful colours and lights that look very appealing to teenagers. A lot of e-juice containers have cartoon characters printed on their labels that also contribute to the cool-factor of these vaping products.

Moreover, a lot of famous celebrities can be seen endorsing various e-cig brands, a lot them even appeared on the Golden Globe red carpet with their customised vapourisers. If you sum up all of these factors, it’s a given that these products focus on attracting the younger audience.