6th UK Knee Symposium in Freiham, Munich on 23rd Feb 2016

The ArthroLab at Freiham in Munich is a truly amazing facility for training surgeons. It has a 50-stage cadaveric wet lab with state of the art equipment, and also beautiful lecture theatres. It is the largest cadaveric training facility in the world.

The event was the sixth UK Knee Symposium. About thirty-three senior UK knee surgeons attended, and the meeting was a mixture of lectures and hands-on training. We crammed a lot into the day. We all get up early to make the most of it, and they are actually an hour ahead, but we are all up and in the lab for quarter to eight, kicking off with some lectures and then a nice long session in the lab in the morning, free for lunch and then a repeat of that.

We’ve been doing that now for the last six years, and each year we go back with more and more results to back up what we have been teaching - the internal brace from Gordon Mackay, the use of Fibre Tape for ligament reinforcement from me, and the 'all-inside' techniques for ACL and PCL surgery and the anterolateral ligament. So, lots of short punchy lectures and then hands-on demonstrations with the very senior group that came, and great discussions.

Nick London from York and his experiences with the anterolateral ligament were all very positive. Together with Professor Gordon Mackay, we taught the delegation on ACL repair with the internal brace, both our paediatric and our adult experience, my concept of ligament reinforcement, graft compression with my compression sleeves, and our clinical and biomechanical studies. We also discussed the Anterolateral ligament, and our experiences and techniques with the all-inside ACL and PCL surgery, and our experience with multi ligament surgery.

It was a very successful meeting and I also had some great interaction with the senior engineers, refining our ACL repair technique even further, which is something I am very excited about.

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Adrian Wilson

Column 2

It’s great for surgeons to be able to try something new in a very safe environment with excellent facilities. So it’s fantastic to be part of that education.

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