An engineer’s feedback on bilateral simultaneous TKR


John is our first bilateral simultaneous total knee replacement done at the Wellington. It was only possible because of our amazing team and two consultants operating together.

15 years ago I had an arthroscopy in my right knee. Unfortunately my knee became infected and this resulted in the start of osteoarthritis. As my right knee became progressively worse I relied more and more on my left knee until eventually this also became arthritic.
My wife spotted something on the internet regarding stem cell therapy for knee joints and we wondered if I might be a candidate for this treatment as it would be less invasive than surgery. A Google search regarding this treatment led us to the Regenerative Clinic and Professor Wilson.
Once Professor Wilson had seen the x-rays of my knees he felt that they were too far advanced for the stem cell treatment to be viable and recommended the bilateral knee replacement. Having met him and discussed the options with him we went to see our GP and got a referral.
My expectations were that I wanted to be more mobile and flexible, in less pain and generally have a new lease of life.
Although it is still early days I am sure that I will be able to do all theses things.
My advice to others in the same situation is Make sure that you take all the advice from the professionals and do all the exercises pre and post op. Realise that you will have to put in a lot of hard work to get the full benefit. Positive attitudes bring positive results."
From the first time we met Professor Wilson we were impressed with his professionalism and his willingness to look at other options before recommending surgery. We also felt that we trusted him to pursue the best outcome for his patient. This has certainly proved to be the case.
The team surrounding me at the Wellington were all completely amazing I have nothing but the highest praise for all of them and would no hesitation in recommending them. We are so happy that we made the decision we did.



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