Arthrex Live Event – January 2017

Arthrex live is the second live surgical training event we have held at the Ark at the North Hampshire Hospital. There were approximately 100 delegates, mainly senior surgeons from the UK. The first was in 2016 and we used the same formula.

What we wanted to achieve was to introduce the concepts of ACL all-inside surgery, PCL all-inside surgery, our minimally-invasive posterolateral corner reconstruction, our new ACL repair technique. We also wanted to discuss exciting new ways of repairing the meniscus.

We had a great faculty. Pete Thompson came down from Coventry, together with Tim Spalding. , Pete spoke about the PCL and together they did a live demonstration in the Arthrex mobile cadaveric facility. We combined that with a minimally-invasive Larson procedure that I have developed. It went extremely well and was very well received.

We showed the concept of graft reinforcement using FiberTape, and I think this will become the Gold Standard in surgery. Already surgeons around the world are adopting this.

Other faculty members included Rob Gilbert from Wrightington who did a nice demonstration of meniscal roots and radial tear repairs using new devices that have been developed over the last 18 months. We also had a very nice live demonstration by Mike Risebury in the operating theatre of an all-inside ACL reconstruction. Again it was very well received and he did a great job.

Ian McDermott and Tim Spalding spoke about meniscal transplantation and gave us some real gems in terms of how to make the operation work more effectively. It is a very difficult procedure to perform.

Gordon McKay demonstrate ACL Repair with a fantastic lecture and then followed it up with a cadaveric demonstration, which went very well.

So it was a brilliant meeting and  but a bit of a rush. It was just a one-day event, and we crammed an awful lot into the programme, and as we did last year we achieved what we set out to achieve. 

adrian wilson

Adrian Wilson

I think our Arthrex-Live events represent a very innovative way of teaching. There is nothing quite like it in the UK at the moment . It is based on my experience of working with Arthrex at very large meetings which they put on every 18 months to 2 years. At those meetings the surgeon who presents the lecture has developed the new technique - and then demonstrates that in a cadaveric facility using a prepared specimen so it is very slick.

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