ArthroParis 2014

Professor Adrian Wilson presents at this meeting, which was attended by approximately 2000 surgeons - all 'high-volume' soft tissue knee and shoulder specialists.

The format for the presentations and teaching is very innovative, because the surgeon initially presents his work and then immediately behind the stage a cadaveric facility awaits him. The surgeon turns up 24 hours before the presentation, and prepares his cadaver in such a way that the procedure or technique that he wants to demonstrate can be shown in 10-15 minutes, with all the key steps mapped out in a very easy way, such that the attending doctors can get the pearls and the gems immediately rather than having to watch the entire procedure and losing concentration. It is a very 'punchy' way of teaching and one that we adopted for our 'Arthrex Live' meeting in Basingstoke in January 2016.

My own presentation here was on innovations in ACL and PCL​ Surgery, giving an update on the all-inside technique and my experience.

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ACL and PCL Graft Options & Preparation

Including innovations with GraftLink, TriLink, in ACL and PCL, and the 'all-inside' technique.

Transcript of the presentation

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