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Minimally-invasive Osteotomy for DFO and HTO

Minimally-invasive osteotomy allows patients to weight-bear in the first week after a high tibial osteotomy. This new technique is a far less painful procedure than traditional high tibial osteotomy. The minimally invasive approach involves a 3½ to 4 centimetre incision and a very careful dissection (minimal dissection actually). The saw cuts are made with a […]

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Cruciate Ligament Tears in Children

Adrian Wilson “Three advances are dominating my thinking right now when it comes to ACL tears in children: – primary repair with internal bracing- the ‘all-ephiphyseal approach, and – the use of allograft from the mother.”  Primary repair with internal bracingIn young children with an anterior cruciate ligament injury I am using Gordon Mackay’s technique of ACL […]

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The Compression Tube – a device to improve the ACL graft

The ‘compression tube’ is a recent innovation that has improved our experience with grafts. The ‘compression tube’ allows the surgeon to downsize any graft – sometimes really significantly – so that you are taking less bone from the patient when you are drilling that tunnel.  There is a huge difference between a 9mm tunnel and an […]

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Arthrex Live 2016

ARTHREX LIVE WAS A REAL ACHIEVEMENT – A REALLY VALUABLE WAY OF TEACHING SURGEONS. The idea was to try and do a course where we could inform surgeons about techniques and ideas new to the UK, but which are well established elsewhere, particularly the United States. I really feel in the UK sadly that we […]

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