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Reconstruction of PCL and PLC using internal brace

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This lady – Rochelle – was referred to me by another surgeon because of my interest in complex knee surgery. Poor Rochelle was involved in a road traffic accident and was actually knocked over. She was referred through to me because she had suffered a left PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) injury – but also she had a […]

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GP Meeting May 2017 Hampshire

This GP Teaching Session was an excellent one-day event organised by the Hampshire Clinic. There was a really good turnout of about 50 and it was very good to be speaking to the local GPS of North Hampshire GPs – which I do very rarely – and to share with them our success in what […]

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Visit from Henk van der Hoeven May 2017


I just had a visit from Henk van der Hoeven from the Bergman Clinic. I’ve known Henk for quite a few years and we both teach on the same Arthrex courses where we teach at a consultancy level, and Henk runs 3-4 of these courses every year in Munich.Elite Practice Henk does a lot of National […]

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Full thickness cartilage defect and varus alignment


It’s not every day that you operate on an internationally renowned sports knee surgeon but I met Ziyad El Qirem, who’s one of the leading soft tissue sports knee and shoulder surgeons in the middle east at the trauma and innovation forum in Florida where I was speaking in January 2017. Ziyad is a very […]

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Educational Diary for 2017


Lots going on in our team in 2017! It has already been a very busy year.Many of the ideas both in ligament and osteotomy surgery are very popular, and as a result of that I frequently get invited to meetings hosted by the Societies and Groups that are really at the top level of education in […]

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Moscow Osteotomy 2017


The Moscow International Osteotomy Congress was held on April 20-21. This course was hosted by Professor Andrey Korolev – a really nice person and the leading trauma knee surgeon in Moscow. He has a PhD and has trained many of the really great surgeons around Europe. He is a real innovator himself. He is very interested in osteotomy which […]

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Gait problems due to varus after meniscectomy


Mark is a 51year old physiotherapist who owns a very large practice in Putney. He is a very active gentleman who has done a lot of work with the army and the armed forces. He enjoys skiing and hiking and continues to be very active in terms of his day to day life. Mark has […]

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3T MRI – The latest in MRI scanning for Orthopaedic Patients

Clinica Creu Blanca

I popped to Barcelona on a day trip a few Fridays ago to visit the Clinica Creu Blanca to find out the latest in 3T MRI scanning and how that can be beneficial to the musculoskeletal patients that we treat. In the UK it is true that – unlike most of the world – MRI […]

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AO Masterclass in post traumatic deformity – Tübingen 2017

Tübingen Clinic

Ronald van Heerwaarden and Steffen Schröter were the course convenors of the AO Masterclass in post traumatic deformity (April 2017) in Tübingen near Stuttgart in Southern Germany. There was an excellent international faculty in addition to the German national faculty – all real experts in osteotomy and particularly post-traumatic deformity.  The UK experts were David Elson […]

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Osteotomy to correct post-traumatic deformity

Falling down stairs

This very interesting patient – aged 27 – who recently had an osteotomy for post traumatic pain and deformity. The case was complex and there were a number of issues to resolve in this knee. Muriel’s storyMuriel came to see me with a complex problem relating to her left knee. Sadly she fell down the […]

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