Back in the saddle after ACL Repair


Here are some photos of me riding, the first one two and a half months after ACL repair! I should be starting to jump soon.

Seriously, people I’ve met who’ve been through ACL surgery cannot believe how quickly I’ve recovered!

My ACL injury

15th June 2018. Whilst leading my horse he managed to get his hoof trapped in a fence. As I turned and ran forwards to release him I heard a rip in my left knee and instantly knew it wasn’t good news, and that I probably wouldn’t be eventing my horse the following weekend! For the next half an hour I was going in and out of consciousness, no stability, my left leg from the knee down wobbling about.

16th June 2018. Unable to walk or bear any weight, my knee resembling a rugby ball, I hopped into A&E to be told that the X-ray was clear but that I had probably torn my Meniscus. I was put into a Velcro brace, given a pair of very small crutches and told that the orthopaedic department would be in touch the following week.

18th June 2018. I sent Adrian, who is a great family friend, a text saying I had hurt my knee.

19th June 2018. Adrian was brilliant, he fast tracked me in for an MRI @ 7.30am, seeing me literally a few hours later to explain the MRI rupture of ACL and LCL. He then ran through my options and plotted a plan of campaign....and my Icing began.

Rehab before surgery

20th June. I was put into a super technical brace to immobilise my knee and started my Physio under Simon Orr at So-Physical.

The super hot summer when everyone was enjoying the countryside. I lay around, unable to work, ride, walk the dog, attached to an Ice machine, working on my physio to get my poor swollen knee to go flat. I have to admit, that was a bit of a low point. Having been through breast cancer in 2015, here I was again having my life compromised, horrified by the length of the ACL recovery rate, devastated that IF my cancer were to come back, that I had wasted 6 months of my life on crutches.

Surgery - ACL Repair

17th July 2018. Date of my operation! Adrian came into recovery to tell me that the operation had been a great success and that he had 'repaired' my ACL (as opposed to 'reconstructed'), and that I’d be back on my horse in 3 months.

18th July 2018. I walked, albeit on crutches, out of hospital. Then physio, exercise bike and Icing. Throughout being supported by Adrian and his team.

25th September. Two weeks earlier than Adrian had originally thought and with the OK from Simon, I tacked up my horse and had a flat work lesson ... absolutely no pain or restriction....completely brilliant!

Riding after ACL repair

28th October. My first dressage competition since the accident! So happy!
My physio continues, I religiously use my exercise bike, and I reap the rewards! 

After ACL repair
Riding after ACL repair

I cannot thank Adrian enough for his amazing empathy, skill and expertise. He’s a genius. The speed of my recovery has been miraculous.

Physio has been a key factor in the recovery process and I couldn’t have done it without Simon Orr, through sweat and tears he’s been a star.

Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson

Tamzin is a great friend and I am delighted she has done so well.

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