BASK 2016 – Cadaveric Workshop

British Association of Surgeons of the Knee Annual Spring Meeting - ACC Liverpool - 30-31st March 2016

ALL Reconstruction – Cadaveric Demonstration
Prof Wilson was recently invited by one of the world’s leading ligament reconstruction and medical device companies to demonstrate his world-renowned technique for ALL reconstruction in a cadaveric workshop at the British annual knee surgery meeting in Liverpool on the 30th of March.

The ALL (anterolateral ligament) is a small, internal knee ligament that acts as a check on the knee over-rotating and potentially further injuring the damaged knee.

Prof Wilson, building on the findings of Drs Claes and Bellemans in 2013, was one of the pioneers of the first modern technique for its reconstruction, which is regarded as the global standard in ALL reconstruction.

Over 50 of the UK’s top knee surgeons and trainees gathered to watch as Prof Wilson demonstrated his technique live on a cadaveric knee via satellite uplink, whilst simultaneously answering questions from the audience. Prof Wilson also demonstrated his innovations on graft compression, which involves compressing the ligament prior to their insertion to ensure that the smallest possible tunnels can be utilised for the reconstruction process, and by extension, the smallest possible amount of bone loss.

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Speaking on the event, Prof Wilson said, “I am always happy to be sharing new ideas and new techniques about knee surgery with some of the UK’s foremost experts.”

Graft being compressed in a compression tube

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