BASK 2018


This year we have six papers at BASK. John Dabis - my fellow - is doing three podium presentations.

John Dabis

John Dabis supporting his poster presentatio

John Dabis at BASK 2018

John Dabis giving a plenary presentation

BASK paper 2018

The topic of John's presentation

Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson

It’s great to see my team in action at the BASK meeting (British Association for Surgery of the Knee).

Over the last 12 months we progressed with our ACL repair work and had a podium presentation at the meeting which was well received.

Through James Belsey - my PhD student - we have our biomechanical bone study which has also been presented on the podium with our clinical results show in a separate presentation using this innovative minimally invasive technique for osteotomy surgery.

I would like to congratulate my team on their efforts and the fact that we still able to produce high-quality work for a great meeting such as BASK.

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