Unusual bilateral tibial osteotomy for knock-knee deformity


Neil is a really great example of someone who has had bilateral valgus (knock knees) - but interestingly his deformity was in the tibia rather than the femur. So he had bilateral tibial correction for his knock-kneed alignment, where more commonly the osteotomy would be in the femur. He has done brilliantly.

He first came to see me two years ago. At that time he was a 40 year old farmer who had developed progressively worsening knee pain to the point that it was making his job as a farmer difficult and he couldn't exercise. He had previously really enjoyed physical activity and was now quite depressed.

His knees had been really quite knock-knees since a child, actually, and he had never liked the cosmetic appearance, but he did not come to see me for a 'cosmetic' procedure but because of his progressive worsening pain. Interestingly he did some research himself, and rather than being referred by his GP he actually came by a self-referral having discovered my work via the internet.

We did the analysis of his legs back in 2015 and found him to have bilateral deformities in both tibias.

osteotomy planning

He underwent an osteotomy on the left side first in September 2015, and I also microfractured his trochlea where he had some damage, and then 6 weeks later he underwent the right side using the minimally invasive approach that I have developed. He did extremely well afterwards.

bilateral osteotomy
adrian wilson

Adrian Wilson

I think this patient is testament not only to the surgical technique but also that he used a GameReady cryotherapy device which really helped with his rehab.

It obviously took some time, but he gradually settled nicely. We took the plates out in May 2017, and any slight residual symptoms that he had have now gone and his X-rays show that he has healed up beautifully.

He is now back at the gym at least twice a week training on the rowing machine and doing non-impact sports with absolutely no symptoms and he is back enjoying his physical job as a farmer, pain free.

It has been a fantastic success story and I am delighted that he has done so well.

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