Bilateral simultaneous high tibial osteotomy


I was born with bowed lower legs. In fact both my parents had it to a lesser degree - which I suppose resulted in me having a more pronounced bow. I know my mother suffered with knee pain later in life.

bilateral bowed legs

About a year ago my problem started to cause me knee and hip pain. Coupled with this, the shape of my legs has elicited some fairly hurtful comments over the years which did nothing for my self confidence, and has ensured that I steer well clear of shorts and short skirts!

After a lot of research I approached Professor Wilson who assured me that the problem could be sorted out with an osteotomy which would negate the possible need for knee surgery at a later date and would straighten my hated lower legs.

Since I wanted to minimise the amount of recovery down time I opted to go for a double osteotomy which I know is unusual but I felt I could cope.

planning long leg films
postop bilat simultaneous hto

On the left is the long leg planning view and on the right the post-operative view

I won’t say it wasn’t traumatic because it certainly was and there was enormous pressure on my husband who has been my primary carer. It has been a long slog with some fairly low points but the end result is most certainly worth it. Fifteen weeks from the op I have no knee pain and straight legs! Professor Wilson and his entire team have been quite simply magnificent and I can’t thank them enough for my life changing surgery.

adrian wilson

Adrian Wilson

This 57 year old lady - Jennifer -  is pretty amazing. I did a bilateral simultaneous high tibial osteotomy on her. She had pain in both knees, which was getting progressively worse, and also she had a real issue with the cosmesis of her varus alignment in both limbs. So this surgery addressed both the appearance and the pain. I used my minimally-invasive technique with bone wedges.

She has done remarkably well. As they were both done at the same time she had a tough month. Then she got over things to the point that she is walking off her crutches very early.

At 15 weeks out she has been gardening quite vigorously and has grazes on her right shin! She is delighted not only with her appearance but also that she is pain free.

HTO at first appointment

On the left she looks on the X-ray as though she is virtually healed and on the right she is getting there.It just shows that this operation can be done fairly comfortably at the on both legs at the same time, and that one can bounce back and rehab quickly with the new techniques that have been developed.

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