The types of cleaning products you should always have at home

A list of the best cleaning products

Here’s a list of what you need

Cleaning includes plenty of different activities and taking care of different materials and surfaces. This is why different products are needed in order to optimise the results, otherwise you will be just wasting your time and energy. Please contact us for more info.

Below is a short list of what you always should have at home to ensure complete cleanliness.

  • Cleaning products for mopping the floors – most of them are added to water. You may sometimes manage to find a universal product – one that can be used for wooden floors, marble, onyx, etc. However, the cleaning power of such agents may not be that great. The best case it will only leave a pleasant smell in the room and will do very little to get rid off the bacteria on the floor. Worst scenario – it may even damage your floor. This is why it is better to use different products for different surfaces. Find out more.
  • Disinfectant – a must-have when it’s time to sanitise the bathroom and toilet. A simple rule you can stick to is to stay away from disinfectant that smell nicely. Chances are that they are not that effective. Normally such products have a very strong and distinctive odour that can’t be neutralised by adding an essential oil. So if it doesn’t stink, it probably doesn’t work.
  • Stain removing products – a real must-have! It’s not something you use on daily basis, yet, you never know when you will need them. When dealing with serious stains like coffee, wine or strawberry juice, you should act immediately and you cannot afford to waste time to go to the store and buy what you need. Always consider the fabric types of the carpets and furniture you have at home! And again try to stay away from universal products!
  • Wood care products – some people tend to get carried away when polishing their desks, cupboards, tables, etc. When it comes to wood polishing, “Less is more”. This doesn’t mean that you should never use such products. You should follow the instructions on the label or even check with the manufacturer or the retailer of the furniture for the best advice.

In brief, regular domestic cleaning demands usage of some detergents. Try to be careful with cleansers, use gloves to protect your skin and be expeditive in order to diminish the breathing of harmful fumes. Sometimes, it’s much better to entrust the entire sanitising mission to your local professional cleaning company.

All of this information applies to your office too. It is essential to keep your work environment clean, tidy and bacteria free. Did you know that when the area has been properly cleaned, employees are 67% more likely to do a better job? Hire a reliable cleaning company. Your chosen company will provide all the products and machines used during the cleaning process, meaning you don’t have to worry about it! For Brighton based offices, click here for local office cleaners.