Educational and research collaboration at the University of Winchester

A highly regarded element of specialist orthopaedic training is the 'surgical fellowship', allowing a young surgeon to work intimately with a group of senior colleagues for 6 months to a couple of years. This allows a rapid accumulation of knowledge and skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Professor Adrian Wilson, and knee fellow Sam Yasen, spent a day at the University of Winchester, explaining the format and benefit of surgical fellowships to a group of trainee physiotherapists.

Sam explained why he sought the fellowship with Prof Wilson and his team:

  • Cutting edge of what’s happening in knee surgery
  • Innovation
  • Research opportunities
  • Collaboration with University
  • Surgical experience and tutorship

The current fellowship programme includes:

  • Seeing patients in clinic
  • Operating
  • Research activities
    - Academic presentations
    - Writing papers
    - Industry talks and presentations
    - Education

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Professor Adrian Wilson

Professor Adrian Wilson

In the last 12 months I’ve really forged a great relationship - an alliance - with Winchester University with the Department of Sports and Exercise. I’m very grateful to my friends and colleagues there for offering me a Chair.

As a Professor there now I am carrying out a number of really exciting research projects both with MSc students in Winchester and also with my own Fellows. Together we’ve forged this great collaboration and we hope that this UK Foundation for Knee Preservation will be a launch pad for all of the exciting work that our group have been doing in the field of knee surgery particularly in the ligament field and in the joint preserving osteotomy work.


A Fellowship is not a compulsory element of medical training, but an optional extra. However, well-reputed fellowship posts attract the attention of many potential candidates and only the lucky few find their way into their unit of first choice.

Fellowships are often international, and on completion of their fellowship the new consultants may be spread around the world, creating a network for future collaboration.

Past fellows with Prof Wilson include:

Prof Wilson (centre) and colleagues, Sam Yasen (on the left, knee fellow 2016), and Breck Lord (on the right).

Breck is doing a PhD on Trilink and the graft compression study at Imperial College Dept of Biomechanical Engineering with Prof Andrew Amis.

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