Combined HTO and DFO


Paul had severe bowing of his left leg, which necessitated a double-level osteotomy to fully correct it.

Pre-op and planning

planning film for osteotomy
varus deformity

Paul tells his own story

Post-op X-rays showing plates

double level osteotomy
double level osteotomy

Paul adds -

"I had had several knee operations previously, including an ACL reconstruction, due to various rugby injuries. I was referred to Professor Wilson after initially meeting with Mr Bourke at Princess Margaret - due to the severity of the damage. On a personal level, I have 3 daughters and the ideal outcome was for me to be able to chase them round the park again or do something simple like fly a kite - prior to the operation even these basic activities were not possible.

Throughout the entire pre- and post-operative process, I was kept fully informed as to all the details of the procedure, the potential outcomes and also the potential risks. The whole team, from Professor Wilson down, were extremely helpful, personal, professional and communicated quickly and effectively with any questions that we had - of which there were quite a few!

The operation was a huge success! To much amazement from friends & family, given the nature of the operation, I am walking without crutches already and starting to get back into the gym. My physio team at The Abbey Clinic, Bisham Abbey, have been critical to getting me to this stage and I would recommend anyone that undergoes such a procedure to fully commit to the rehab."

Follow-up at 4 months after surgery

Follow-up June 2019

Adrian Wilson

In the planning X-rays you can see how badly bowed Paul's left leg was before surgery (right side of X-ray). With each step he was getting pain in both his knee and in his hip.

It was necessary to do some of the correction above the knee and some of it below the knee - what we call a 'double osteotomy'. The part above the knee is called a distal femoral osteotomy and the part below is a high tibial osteotomy.

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