‘Complete Tibial Tunnel’ ALL Technique

The 'Delta Technique is what we are calling Bertrand Sonnery-Cottet's method of tensioning the anterolateral ligament appropriately in flexion and extension.

I personally think making a Delta is a challenge with the current fixation as it is going to be difficult for surgeons to tension twice on the tibia.

It is very easy to plug something in on the femur and then as you take the tails down onto the tibia it’s quite difficult actually to tension with the swivel locks that we’re using at the moment. So what I’ve done is just made a complete tunnel in the tibia, and then I run the 2 tails of the doubled gracilis - with the loop going on the femoral side and the 2 tails coming down. This is what I’ve called the Complete Tibial Tunnel Technique and I actually think that it might become the most popular technique moving forward.

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Adrian Wilson

The Complete Tibial Tunnel Technique is my variant of the 'Delta Technique, and is actually my preferred technique at the moment.

Revised placement of the fixation from Slaes et al's original proposal

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