International Congress of Concepts and Innovations June 2017

Lateral Plasty?

It was great to see over 200 delegates at the meeting. The programme was very comprehensive in covering new and exciting topics around surgery surgery.

Prof Philip Schoettle - who is a very good friend of mine - invited me and was one of the co-convenors. Philip spoke about ACL repair and talked about his experience. He also presented on his early experience. It was very rewarding to have so much interest from Philip in my ACL repair technique. He spoke about the importance of keeping options early in the paediatric group in particular as they have such a high revision rate.

Professor Philip Schoettle

Anterolateral Ligament Section

I was asked to talk about the ALL and knee osteotomy. My main message here was to say that this subject remains controversial primarily because of nomenclature. The knee world is unanimously in agreement that lateral extra-articular procedures are beneficial to severely unstable ACL-deficient patients. The issue is with the nomenclature of “ALL”.

When we look at what is actually being done when we carry out an ALL reconstruction the femoral origin and tibial insertion points are so similar to what has recently been described - it's so similar - just using a hamstring as opposed to a strip of ITB. So the take home message for me was doing something on the lateral side of the knee in a grossly unstable knee is a good thing. The well established techniques of Mackintosh and Lemaire are very similar to the new “ALL” technique. So let's call this not "ALL" but “Lateral Plasty”?

Osteotomy Section

On the Friday of the meeting I talked about the accuracy of Osteotomy surgery and how to improve it. I described our minimally invasive technique and how we can get patients going quicker with the use of a bone wedge.It was really well received.I would like to congratulate Philip, Rene and Vincent on organising such a great meeting.

Professor Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson

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