Double-level Osteotomy


Tracey is a 53 year old lady who came to me with very severe lateral anterior knee pain on the left side and to a lesser degree the right.

You can see from the video just how knock-kneed she was. She was really at the end of her tether and was struggling to walk.

Double-level osteotomy

Tracey underwent surgery in 2016 under my care and I did a double-plating using a closing wedge technique. You can see from the video how I was able to get things into very nice alignment. There are two plates - this was a 'belt-and-braces' approach with a large correction.

We subsequently got it to heal up and then removed the plates and today was my final review and I am delighted to say that Tracey has gone from being someone who was really disabled to being totally pain free and happy with her outcome. She is no longer taking any painkillers and can walk normally.

It is a testament to the power of osteotomy that we are able to do this sort of joint-preserving procedure given that there was still life in this joint - it wasn't bone-on-bone arthritis, but fairly early wear or moderate wear and in these candidates it is not ideal to be doing joint replacements in patients with partial thickness issues particularly when they are young.

Adrian Wilson

Professor Adrian Wilson

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