Educational Diary for 2017


Lots going on in our team in 2017! It has already been a very busy year.
Many of the ideas both in ligament and osteotomy surgery are very popular, and as a result of that I frequently get invited to meetings hosted by the Societies and Groups that are really at the top level of education in the various countries of Europe and further afield.

Moscow International Osteotomy Congress - Moscow April 2017

  • History of Osteotomy
    A. Wilson, R. Khakha, J. Belsey
  • Complex osteotomy: intra-articular and slope change surgery
    A. Wilson, R. Khakha, J. Belsey
  • MIS Surgical technique for HTO and DFO
    A. Wilson, R. Khakha, J. Belsey
  • Small Plates, precision bone wedge and rapid rehabilitation
    A. Wilson, R. Khakha, J.Belsey

BASK Annual Spring Meeting 2017
– Southport, England28-29 April 2017

  • Anterolateral ligament (ALL) with ACL reconstruction. Rationale, technique and early results (podium)
    DL. Rawaf, SK. Yasen, ZM. Barton, RS. Khakha, MJ. Risebury
  • The use of bone wedge allograft in high tibial osteotomy : A prospective study of pain and time to union (e-poster)
    R. Khakha, SK. Yasen, J. Belsey, DL. Rawaf, MJ. Risebury, AJ. Wilson
  • Midbundle femoral positioning in single bundle ACl reconstruction increases graft failure compared to standard anatomic reconstruction (e-poster)
    Z. Borton, SK. Yasen, RS. Khakha, AJ. Wilson
  • Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) in knee osteotomy achieves equivalent radiological outcomes compared to traditional open approaches (e-poster)
    J. Belsey, SK. Yasen, DL. Rawaf, RS. Khakha, MJ. Risebury, AJ. Wilson
  • Paediatric cruciate ligament reconstruction using parentally donated hamstring allograft (e-poster)
    DL. Rawaf, SK. Yasen, RS. Khakha, AJ. Wilson

AO Masterclass in post-traumatic deformity and osteotomy
- Tubingham German. March 2017

  • MIS surgical techniques for femoral and tibial osteotomy
    A. Wilson

Arab Health Congress. Feb 2017
- Tubingham Germany. March 2017

  • Osteotomy - indications, technique and results
    A. Wilson, R. Khakha, J. Belsey

Arthrex Knee Symposium. 28 Feb 2017 
- Munich, Germany. 

  • ALL techniques, tips and outcomes
    A. Wilson, R Khakha
  • PCL and minimally invasive PLC techniques, tips and outcomes
    A. Wilson

Orthopaedic Technology and Innovation Forum. Jan 2017
- Naples, Florida 

  • ACL repair surgery, biological remnant preservations surgery, reinforcement with internal brace
    A. Wilson

ArthrexLive Knee Surgery Symposium. 18 Jan 2017
- Basingstoke, UK. 

  • All inside ACL - Results
    A. Wilson
  • Graft reinforcement, experience and outcomes
    S. Yasen
  • All inside ACL and ALL surgery Live Surgery
    M. Risebury

Adrian Wilson

In January 2017 we started off with our Arthrex Live meeting which was a huge success. We had 100 surgeons visiting Basingstoke and we carried out 5 live procedures - one from theatres - to pass on knowledge that has been gained recently in the latest developments in ACL and PCL surgery, together with collaterals (MCL and LCL), and the meniscus. We were joined by an elite UK Faculty and some leading international superstar surgeons.

A few weeks after this we went on to Naples, Florida, for the Orthopaedic Innovation and Technology Forum where I was asked to speak about ACL repair and where I joined Gordon Mackay and Wiemi Douoguih to tell the very large audience of >500 high profile sports medicine surgeons from the US about our experiences and our results. This has become a popular idea and as we put it into practice it is now becoming fairly routine in many countries. At this conference I spoke about the evolution that we had gone through over the past 7 years using FiberTape. I first presented the concept 7 years ago and after my talk there was stony silence as people thought I was talking about artificial material for ligament reconstruction that would create a problem similar to the problems that we had seen in the past, but I explained the philosophy and the fact that it was just an augmentation and how FiberTape - which is the material that we use - had a pre-existing 10 year track record with over a million of these FiberTapes being used primarily by shoulder surgeons for rotator cuff surgery and 7 years later most of the presentations at the meeting had FiberTape and its use being mentioned within them.

A few weeks later we went on to Munich to run the annual teaching session that Arthrex put on for UK surgeons. This is well attended. We had a great day. Again many of the surgeons wanted to see how to do an ACL repair and how to augment an ACL and a PCL and so I was fairly busy in the lab running from one station to the next.

In February we went onto Dubai to the Arab Health Meeting to talk about the latest innovations in osteotomy surgery and also alternatives to surgery for the management of joint pain using stem cells. That meeting was attended by 100,000 (not to my presentation! but to the meeting itself) - the largest of its kind globally with a huge trade fair and it was really quite an experience to be involved with that.

We then had the American Academy in San Diego in March which is always a fantastic event to attend. We had some scientific posters at that meeting and presentations and I was able to speak to the industry about funding for my team - because all the industry is there it is a great opportunity to plan future educational events and research. So it was very successful.

We had the Masterclass in Tübingen for post-traumatic deformities using osteotomy and it was a great honour to be Faculty on that, together with some amazing individuals also on Faculty, teaching consultants about complex osteotomy.

To finish off the first quarter of this year with osteotomy congress in Moscow which was again an amazing event and a privilege to encourage new ideas into Russia.

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