ESSKA 2018

This was another superb meeting from ESSKA organised by my good friend the President, Romain Seil and his team. They had over 3,000 delegates attend the Glasgow meeting.


My team were there in force and I was delighted to see that we had four podium presentations as well as six posters. We were runners up in the best surgical award for our slope-changing video and had many other videos that were published.

I am very proud of what my team was able to achieve with all the posters, podiums and video presentations as well as the instructional course lectures. I am very grateful to them for their hard work.


In terms of instructional course lectures, because of the success of the osteotomy ICL in 2022 we were given two instructional course lectures this year.

The first instructional course lecture took place on the Thursday morning and I was really staggered to see at 7:30 in the morning over 1,000 people attending the lectures that were given by myself, Ronald van Heerwaarden from Holland, Dietrich Pape from Luxembourg, Romain Seil himself - who gave a wonderful talk on rehabilitation - and Philipp Lobenhoffer. Steffen Schröter, who co-chaired the meeting, also gave another wonderful presentation on 'the ten bullet-points of osteotomy' covering the most important aspects.

Following this, Professor Lobenhoffer gave an invited guest lecture on osteotomy where the numbers of delegates attending this talk grew even further to well over 1,500. It was a fantastic lecture and really summed up the work that Philipp has done in the field of osteotomy surgery. He has been a leader and one of the great thinkers in the osteotomy field over the last 15 years. What is amazing about Phillip is how accomplished he was in other aspects of knee surgery, such as ligaments and also of course knee replacement surgery.

I was joined by Prof Philipp Lobenhoffer, Dr Stefan Schröeter, Dr Dietrich Pape and Dr Ronald van Heerwaarden. It was a fantastic meeting and a great privilege to be there.

Focus meeting - Newclip

The Newclip venue was well attended and we had a great symposium. I joined Matthew Olivier from Marseille who works in partnership with Dr Sebastien Parratte, and my good friend Kristian Kley from  Hannover introduced the new femoral plate from Newclip - of which he has had great experience. 


We also introduced at this meeting the concept of 'KNEEguru' to the surgeons there and had a lot of interest in surgeons improving their Profiles on KNEEguru through which they can reach out to patients globally through this number one leading patient information website on the knee .

Adrian Wilson

It was a great privilege to be invited to join the ESSKA Arthroscopy Committee and we have some fantastic projects now that we are going to work on over the next two years in and around the subject of ACL revision surgery. We have made good strides in the ESSKA Osteotomy Committee and have a road map for linking all of the courses that we offer around Europe together under the ESSKA banner and are also writing a book with the up-to-date osteotomy techniques that we have developed over the last few years.

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