17th ESSKA Congress 4-7 May 2016, Barcelona

Our group has several presentations - both podium and poster - and I have two lectures that I am giving - one is part of the osteotomy session.

We are also incredibly pleased to have had TEN videos accepted into the ESSKA Academy in the Techniques section:

All-inside PCL Reconstruction with a Medial Opening Wedge HTO using the PEEKPower Plate (not up yet)
Medial Meniscal Repair using the Sharpshooter Meniscal Repair System (not up yet)

Our Lectures

So we had ESSKA where the unit presented many papers on the anterolateral ligament, the ACL repair, our experience with osteotomy, distal femoral osteotomy and high tibial osteotomy. The exciting lectures at these big meetings are the invited lectures because when you present your own work and your own paper, invariably there may to 50-100 people sitting in the room but the invited sessions are normally of interest to many more people. The invited session, the osteotomy session of ESSKA, was truly remarkable. In Amsterdam 2 years ago we were all quite amazed when the osteotomy experts gave their lectures to see a room completely jam packed with people; I think there were 2 or 300 people in this fairly small room. So the organisers quite sensibly this time around decided to give us a larger room. The plenary room was the largest room available at the Barcelona Exhibition Centre and could seat comfortably 6-800 people but there was standing room only and actually many of my team couldn’t get in because they weren’t organised enough to get there early enough. One of the trainees sent me a picture of the queue outside as people were trying to get in and actually in 2 years’ time the plan now is to increase the size again of the osteotomy room that is made available for us to speak in to be the Plenary Room so that we can actually get people in.Osteotomy is, no doubt about it, has become a much more mainstream procedure and for those that aren’t doing it they really want to do it they just don’t know how because they haven’t been taught, and they haven’t got the experience and it’s obviously a significantly invasive procedure and gaining the expertise and knowledge and courage to do your first osteotomy is something that I think a lot of people find difficult but they are very interested.So standing room only, we gave our lectures, the feedback was superb, the session was excellent and it was great to have been invited to that.

I have been invited along with several European experts to talk about my philosophy and ideas as part of the teaching session for ESSKA’s academic programme. I’m very proud to have been asked to do that. I have also been asked by the soon-to-be-President Romain Siel to become part of the ESSKA osteotomy group.

ESSKA Academy

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ESSKA Osteotomy Committee

Another very exciting development at ESSKA was the formation of the ESSKA Osteotomy Committee which is the brainchild of Romain Seil who is the President Elect, and in fact it will be Romain’s ESSKA when we have the ESSKA meeting in Glasgow in 2 years’ time. Romain, who is obviously a good friend of mine, spoke to our mutual very good friend Ronald vanHeerwarden and suggested that Ronald should chair a dedicated committee through ESSKA and this is something that was set up a few months ago. So this is the new ESSKA Osteotomy Committee.

The idea is to get 2 members from a number of European countries; I think we number approximately 14 in total and as a group we hope to shape education through ESSKA in the field of osteotomy surgery and this is a great accolade to my unit, to me, and I am very proud to be asked to join this. The other UK member is Matt Dawson and we were both very excited to be part of that. One of the things that we have decided to do already is to accredit the courses that are being carried out at high level with ESSKA accreditation so Konrad Slynarski who also sits of the ESSKA committee is running a cadaveric osteotomy course in November and this will be an ESSKA accredited course, possibly the first one, and I hope we can get our Masterclass, the ninth of course, in December, to also be an accredited ESSKA course. As you know we have just been formally invited to become an ESSKA Osteotomy Visitation Centre and we are formally linked to ESSKA Travelling Fellows. There is a travelling fellowship dedicated to osteotomy and we will be receiving Fellows for 2-3 weeks who will come through and join me and my team to learn about osteotomy.So that was ESSKA – really exciting, fantastic meeting, there was a very nice workshop with Medi which I did on the then new PCL brace and talked about my experiences of using FibreTape and this in combination with using their new lightweight dynamic PCL braces I think is a good combination. [additional note: The Medi meeting was chaired by my good friend Philip Schöttle from Munich who was the surgeon designer of the Medi PCL brace. I presented my series of reinforced all inside PCL cases and the rehab protocol which includes the Medi brace.] This was a well attended lunch time session.

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