ESSKA Arthrex Osteotomy Fellowship

The ESSKA Arthrex Osteotomy Fellowship has just been set up. Application Deadline for current fellowship is the 1st of June 2022.

It is a travelling fellowship involving four teaching centres, and I am very proud to say that Basingstoke has been selected as one of those centres who will receive senior European surgeons who want to come through and learn about osteotomy surgery with hands-on teaching in our centre of excellence.

Fellows visit four teaching centres over two consecutive weeks. To qualify, you must -

  • be a certified orthopaedic in your own country
  • be interested in Osteotomy
  • be under 45 at point of application
  • speak English fluently
  • be a European citizen
  • make yourself available for the duration of the Fellowship
  • be prepared to submit a written report at the end of the programme
  • have an account with a European or US bank
  • be/become an ESSKA member
Prof Pape (Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg. Application deadline 1st June 2022.

Fellowships are an amazing way for knee surgeons to network with like-minded colleagues and to learn from experts around the world.

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