ESSKA Instructional Course Lecture


I was recently asked to contribute to a chapter for an instructional course lecture for ESSKA on osteotomy. It has just been published in the ESSKA Journal (2018).

ESSKA Lecture

Osteotomies: The Surgical Details You Want to Know
R. J. van Heerwaarden, S. Schröter, R S. Khakha, A. Wilson, D. Pape, P. Lobenhoffer
Pages 93-107

The chapter is a collaboration between myself, Rags Khakha, Dietrich Pape, Ronald van Heerwaarden , Kristian Kley and Steffen Schröter. Each contributed a section and I think it’s a very useful source of information for surgeons who want to learn about osteotomy surgery.

Adrian Wilson

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