Estepona medi meeting April 2018

Andreas Imhoff's Estepona meeting - the 15th medi European Sports Orthopaedics Symposium - took place April 5-8 2018. This is a really fantastic sports medicine meeting that Andreas runs annually.

It is sponsored by Medi and attracts large numbers of delegates. This year we had 150 in the audience. Andreas very kindly invited me and I do feel honoured to be part of the faculty as there are so many very high profile and leading figures in the world of sports medicine invited to speak, including Jón Karlsson - the KSSTA Editor and next ESSKA President - as well as former ESSKA Presidents.

The topic are always around sports medicine, and particularly what is new in sports medicine. We had an excellent session on PRP an Biologics, led by Ramón Cugat from Barcelona who has more experience than anyone in Europe on the use of PRP, particularly in the football players. Emilio López-Vidriero then gave us a further excellent talk on the use of PRP in acute ligament injuries - both ACL and PCL - and had a very nice demonstration of managing an acute PCL with a direct posterior ultrasound-guided injection in combination then with a dynamic brace from Medi - which is something that I will definitely now be taking into my practice.

I spoke about paediatric ACL repair and gave our two-year results, which we are about to publish, and also talked about the four years of experience that I now have. I highlighted that in this very difficult group where we have a high recurrence rate, perhaps as high as 20% - having a minimally-invasive repair option with a very low failure rate (certainly in my hands there have been no failures or revisions as yet) this seems like a very exciting way of dealing with these difficult injuries.

The course was very comprehensive and covered multi-ligaments, controversies in shoulder surgery, and the elbow, foot and ankle. There was also a section on osteotomy in which myself and Andreas spoke. Andreas is one of the most experienced osteotomy surgeons currently in Europe - and even further afield - and he gave us an excellent overview on osteotomy and also second generation Peek Power Plate which he designed for the tibia, as well as the new plates that he designed for the femur. I spoke about complex osteotomy - and slope-changing osteotomy in particular - and presented our results from our series and explained how that complicated operation could take patients back to normal function when an intra-articular issue is corrected anatomically with the osteotomy.

I really think that it was an excellent meeting and the best one that Andreas has run so far. I believe this is the fourth year that I have been invited. I am happy to say that with his incredible efficiency the invitations have already gone out and I have been invited to next year's!

Adrian Wilson

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