First UKKOR Report 2018

Twelve years ago Neil Thomas and I dreamed about setting up a UK database for osteotomy surgery.

We collected data for many years and then combined our datasets with those of Matt Dawson in Carlisle and Chris Wilson in Cardiff. David Elson was our fellow and worked between our three units 3 to 4 years ago, pulling together the data from our three datasets to create the largest information base ever for osteotomy surgery - now approaching approximately 1000 patients. From this start we went on to form the UK Knee Osteotomy Registry or UKKOR. 

Dave Elson 

Quick overview

The average age for patients undergoing osteotomy surgery was 48.7 years. The age at surgery ranged from 18.3 years to 79.9 years. 70% of all patients were between 40-55 at the time of surgery.

The percentage of men and women who have undergone osteotomy surgery were 72.4% and 27.6% respectively.

The left knee was operated on 51% of patients who underwent osteotomy surgery whilst the right knee was operated on in 49% cases

Osteoarthritis was by far the most common indication (79.1%).

The average BMI was 30.1. Male average BMI was 29.8 and Female average BMI was 30.9.

Adrian Wilson

Dave Elson has working extremely hard on this project and I’m delighted to see that we have our first annual report from the UK registry - which was presented at the British Knee Society a few weeks back.

I would like to congratulate David and the rest of the UKKOR steering group for this fantastic achievement.

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