Using the Game Ready for rehabilitation

The Game Ready is a pressurised cryotherapy device which is put on in the operating theatre once the procedure is over. It then runs a 20-minute cycle of ice-cold cryotherapy under pressure.

Adrian WilsonKnee surgeon

At Basingstoke, I use it as a routine for all my major cases. My patients often say after a knee replacement, ligament or osteotomy procedure that they don't require any pain medication when they use the Game Ready.

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The Game Ready system continually circulates cold water from the control unit’s ice reservoir around the anatomical wrap via a connecting hose before returning back through the ice reservoir. This forms a continuous loop.As the cold water is circulated around the injured area it draws heat out of the tissue.By returning continuously back through the ice reservoir, it allows the water temperature to be refreshed,staying colder for longer periods of time compared to an ice pack or cuff.

The unique design of the anatomical wraps allows the cold water to be circulated evenly around the entire surface area of the part of the body being treated allowing full circumferential coverage.In addition to continuous cooling, the Game Ready system is able to simultaneously apply intermittent pneumatic compression via the same anatomical wrap. This allows the   both cold and compression therapy in one safe, easy to apply device. The display panel allows you to adjust the temperature and compression to comfort. [notes from manufacturer with permission]

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