GP Meeting May 2017 Hampshire

This GP Teaching Session was an excellent one-day event organised by the Hampshire Clinic.

There was a really good turnout of about 50 and it was very good to be speaking to the local GPS of North Hampshire GPs - which I do very rarely - and to share with them our success in what we have achieved with the Knee Group that we have set up with Research, Papers and Presentations, as well as Innovations that have influenced research globally.

I ran over what I did over the last 5 months - giving presentations or running teaching sessions in Naples Florida, Dubai, teaching on AO Experts Knee Group on the use of osteotomy in post-traumatic deformity for the mini ArthroLab, the Moscow osteotomy Congress and the live surgery session in Basingstoke in January.

I talked about the results of ACL Repair, the Anterolateral Ligament, Osteotomy surgery, and stem cell treatment in orthopaedics - which was particularly interesting to them as the GPs are keen to know about non-surgical methods for treating patients.

So it was a successful day and I felt privileged to speak to our GP community.

Professor Adrian Wilson

Most of the GPs are unaware of this work as they are very busy people and have their own focus on different things, so it's great to have the opportunity to tell them about all these successes that are coming from their own District General Hospital.

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