5th Hampshire and Surrey Knee Physiotherapy Meeting June 2017

Hampshire and Surrey Physiotherapy Meeting 2017

This was our 5th Hampshire & Surrey Knee Physiotherapy Symposium, which we alternate between Hampshire and Surrey.

This year we held it in the Ark in Basingstoke, which is a fantastic facility for education. We had a great turnout with close to 80 delegates, and I think we had a really good programme.

What we tried to do this year is to move away from us the surgeons standing up and doing clever presentations about our surgical procedures, and try rather to bring out by debate and Q&A information that we thought would be useful for the physiotherapists in terms of some controversial and common areas that are treated.

So the first session was based around the management of osteoarthritis. We covered this with some great lectures from the physiotherapists who were attending - a superb lecture on the use of an offloading brace with some very nice two-year results and then I spoke about the surgical management with osteotomy.

The next session was on patellofemoral instability and Paul Trikha gave a very nice overview lecture, and then once more there were some nice lectures from the physiotherapy experts about how to manage patellofemoral instability with appropriate rehabilitation, which of course is the mainstay of treatment, and I actually learned an awful lot from listening to these superb lectures.

But the really interesting part was the debate that took place covering some of the controversial issues and some of the finer detail, and asking the physiotherapists in the audience for their opinions, and having some really good interaction.

The final session was on the use of arthroscopy. Two lectures were given - one very much giving the evidence not to arthroscope the arthritic knee, and then a very good lecture to counter that to show that in the presence of wear-and-tear patients can do well if they are very appropriately selected for arthroscopic surgery and identifying who that cohort of patients are who can benefit and ensuring that the surgeons and physiotherapists are on the same page with who doesn't benefit which of course is the vast majority of patients.

Actually earlier we had had a good examination session and one of my patients was kind enough to come along. It was very interesting because he had had a meniscal tear, had an arthroscopy, a knee replacement, got an infection and he then met me and I carried out a two-stage revision on the left knee and he has done well following this - so well that he now wants the right knee to be treated. But of course what we don't want to do this time is to take him down that route of arthroscopy first. Having given him two years of non operative management and having managed his symptoms well enough over those two years he has got to the point now where he feels he is ready for a knee replacement and obviously he knows what that entails. But he was a really excellent case.

And then we had a middle aged lady - very active - who had torn her ACL and Sam Yasen did a very nice physical examination demonstration and we were able to cover the topic of ACL surgery in middle aged adults. And that again is an interesting topic and I think it was a useful session for both of us.All round a great meeting with good feedback and looking forward to next year's meeting.

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Professor Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson

Hampshire and Surrey Knee Physiotherapy Symposium 2017

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