High Tibial Osteotomy – my experience

I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis of the right knee (and early signs on left knee) in early 2014.

Over the years I followed various treatments:

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen – caused stomach ulcer and had to stop taking it).
  • Steroid Injection into right knee joint in 2014 with pain relief for about 2 months.
  • Meniscectomy of right knee in July 2014 with relief for about 3 months but had another steroid injection as well

Realising that other treatment options were exhausted, I felt that I would need consultation with an orthopaedic surgeon and possible partial knee replacement.

I consulted Professor Wilson at my request from my GP (via workplace BUPA health insurance) on recommendation from a colleague Mr. Sanjeev Markanday who had successful partial knee replacement on both knees by Prof. Wilson on BUPA.

Prof. Wilson confirmed anterior compartment knee osteoarthritis and recommended “High Tibial Osteotomy” instead of “Partial Knee Replacement”, which we had not heard much about before. On reading up about it, we were sceptical at first, discussed with him, researched further, discussed with Prof Wilson again in detail and finally trusted his judgement on the issue and agreed to go ahead with “high tibial osteotomy” of right knee.

High Tibial Osteotomy

This was carried out on 20th February 2018 at the Candover Clinic, Basingstoke hospital. I had final post-operation consultation with Prof Wilson. He confirmed good progress and I confirmed I was free of much of the pain in the knee.

Although Prof Wilson had come out on the list of BUPA recommendation consultants, just before the operation I discovered that BUPA had reduced their fees to consultants,  Therefore BUPA only covered about one third of the Prof Wilson’s surgery fees and that of the anaesthetist.

I had hoped for total pain relief in this operated right knee for at least 10 years, and pain relief has been 90% successful at this stage. Obviously, how long I will be free of pain is to be determined in due course. I am getting back to doing things like going to the gym 4 times a week, though I am not able to run, but I cycle and use a Cross Trainer. I am also able to wear "kitten heel" shoes which I have not been able to do for a long time.

If you have similar problems, my recommendation is to seek Prof Wilson’s advice. It is well known that Prof Wilson specialises in Osteotomy, and osteotomy is his preferred option as compared to partial knee replacement, where this is relevant for a particular patient.

I can categorically say that my overall experience of being treated by Prof. Wilson - from the time of the initial consultation to the post operation consultation - has been positive, informative and extremely professional. I won't deny that the osteotomy was a painful process, but not stressful and with the right pain killers prescribed by him I was able to cope. I found Prof. Wilson very approachable and he gave me a lot of explanations and details about the procedure and I found that all my consultations with him were never hurried. He always had the time. I have plenty of confidence in him, and will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who I feel could do with his expertise. I would like to add that I find him very amiable too and he comes across as being very passionate about what he does.

Pain in un-operated knee

The pain in the left knee has increased now in spite of use of an “Uploader One” knee brace for that knee, and I am presently considering HTO of the left knee in January/February 2019. 

Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson

Rosemary had an EUA, arthroscopy and arthroscopic partial medial meniscectomy, as well as chondroplasty to trochlea and patellar and proceed to high tibial osteotomy with Newclip one active motion plate and bone graft using femoral head wedge.

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