HTO sixteen years after medial meniscectomy


Stephen came to me for a second opinion regarding his left knee dating back to an injury in 2002 when he had a partial medial meniscectomy.

He had had further arthroscopic surgery and developed fairly significant arthritis on the left in the medial compartment. He had been a keen runner but found he could no longer run and also had discomfort on a daily basis unless he was careful. He is still extremely active but found that bone-on-bone arthritis was becoming more and more of an issue, and twisting was causing acute pain.

He presented to me with fairly significant osteitis and meniscal deficiency with osteoarthritis in the medial compartment on MRI scan. His alignment showed him to be in varus and he was a very good candidate for high tibial osteotomy.

High Tibial Osteotomy

high tibial osteotomy wedge
high tibial osteotomy plate
high tibial osteotomy post op
high tibial osteotomy plate

He underwent the surgery two weeks ago and I am delighted that he has experienced so little pain since the surgery, and he is already able to walk comfortably. It is a great testament to the new minimally-invasive procedure that I helped to develop and pioneer using a bone wedge, that has led to patients being able to perform so well at two weeks. I also work closely with my colleague and partner, Mr Ragbir Khakha, and again having two consultant knee surgeons working together means that the surgery can be done much quicker and a bit more effectively and this all adds to a great experience for the patient.

I am delighted that Stephen is doing so well.

Two weeks post HTO

Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson

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