Hybrid ACL repair and reconstruction


I initially tore my ACL playing netball in November 2016.

After doing lots of rehab with my sports physio I started playing netball again in September 2017 at uni. Within a couple of months I went over on my knee while at netball training. I went to A&E in Gloucester and was told to see a knee specialist. Once I had an MRI scan I was told I had ruptured my ACL and damaged my meniscus.

My mum thought it would be good if I could see a specialist near home and asked one of her friends, who is a physio, who she would recommend. She and one of her colleagues suggested Professor Wilson. I had my first consultation with him in late November 2017.

Having already torn my ACL and then rupturing it I felt I needed it to be repaired. I was told that my ACL would be repaired and reconstructed if needed depending on the condition it was in on the day of surgery and that my meniscus would also be repaired. I really wanted to get it fixed quickly so I could get back to horse riding.

ACL hybrid repair/reconstruction

The procedure went fine. The operation took longer than expected as Professor Wilson decided to reconstruct my ALL as well as repairing and re-constructing my ACL and repairing my meniscus. This required two hamstring grafts. The rehab was slow to begin with but once there was progress it went very quickly and easily. 

It's taken about 6 months to get back to doing all the things I want to do but I can now do almost everything I did before. I'm really pleased to be back to horse riding and working with horses and I am looking forward to starting to play tennis again. I haven’t gone back to netball!

Here is a picture of me on my first time back riding after 6 months since surgery. I hadn't ridden for almost 8 months so I felt so good to be back on and I had no problems with my knee!

Riding after cruciate surgery
Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson

Anna had a nasty injury and had a hybrid repair and reconstruction of her ACL at the beginning of 2018.

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