Interview with patient – PCL and PLC reconstruction


"I've got to say all of my expectations have been vastly surpassed. I was expecting maybe not to get full function back and maybe be a bit of pain lingering, maybe, you know, it would fail or anything like this. As soon as I wasn't in pain any more I kind of had a smile on the inside the whole time - and that was great.

"I have a protocol sheet that I was given the day after my operation that had it set out from week one right up until the end, virtually end, of this year, of exactly what I'm allowed to do, what exercises, what touch bearing, weight bearing, which brace I'm going to be in - so again there was a lot of information given to me so I knew exactly what was coming."

Tobi Sawdon

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Professor Adrian Wilson


We have been asking patients about their experiences with feeling informed about both the procedure and the rehabilitation. Many have agreed to be interviewed on camera to give others the benefit of their experience.

This young man slipped some years ago on a 'bouncy castle' and suffered a posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) tear. It was managed without surgery for about 6 years, but then a second incident re-injured the PCL and there was addition damage in the posterolateral corner (PLC), necessitating surgical reconstruction.

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