Invisalign dental treatments are in popular demand

Women around the world are investing in Invisalign to straighten their teeth rather than traditional orthodontic methods. But why?

Invisalign or Braces?

When it comes to considering your options for a smile makeover, it’s easy to see Invisalign’s clear advantages which provide another reason to smile. You can get a healthy, dazzling smile without metal wires! Click here to see how Invisalign could transform your smile.

Compare Invisalign to fixed braces:

  • Fixed braces use wires and brackets to straighten your teeth, Invisalign uses a series of clear removable aligners, with no wires and no brackets
  • Fixed braces are noticeable, whilst Invisalign is almost invisible
  • Fixed braces cannot be removed until treatment is completed – Invisalign is removable during treatments.
  • Fixed braces can cause mouth irritation – Invisalign doesn’t involve and metal which is usually the cause of irritation.
  • Fixed braces can make it difficult to reach entire tooth and gum area when flossing - Invisalign allows you to brush and floss normally during your treatment.

With fixed braces you cannot see the outcome. However, with Invisalign you will receive a defined virtual image of what your teeth will look like from start to finish of treatments.

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