ISAKOS Meeting June 2015

It was a great privilege to talk at the ISAKOS meeting in June 2015, where I was asked to discuss my new developments in ACL and PCL reconstruction - to talk on the all-inside technique, to touch a little on the anterolateral ligament, and also present my early results of ACL repair in both adults and children.

I believe that primary repair in both adults and children is going to be a game-changer and the results that we are achieving - certainly in the 2- and 5-year groups that we are following up (whose data we have collected through our efforts with the research team and the contributions from the patients) - are really superb.

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In the children that I’ve done the results have been superb - I’ve had no failures, return to sport within 4 or 5 months with full activity, no risk to growth plates because all done either below or above the growth plate through tiny tunnels, and that presentation is a very good message and really describes and explains that in some detail.

Transcript of the presentation


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