Bilateral partial knee replacements in a kickboxer


Robert at 57 had bilateral unicompartmental knee replacements (2016). After 8 months he is doing really well and wants to do his 3rd Dan in kickboxing in 2018!

Robert came to see me last year (2016) complaining of severe lateral knee pain on both sides. He was in varus (bow-legged) and not suitable for osteotomy surgery because he already had Grade IV changes in the joint cartilage - in other words 'bone-on-bone' changes on his MRI scans in both lateral compartments. His medial and patellofemoral compartments were great, and so he had isolated lateral compartment disease.

He was still remarkably active and in fact was in the process of training for his second Dan in kickboxing, and he teaches kickboxing to a higher level. He wants to maintain a high level of function.We talked about all the options and discussed knee replacement, and given that he is so active, we ultimately went for a partial (unicompartmental) knee replacement.

The first was done in August 2016 on the right side, and the other side - the left - was done in September 2016.

I am delighted to say that now (July 2017) he has no pain and has full movement in both knees and is back training. He is hoping to do his third Dan next year. He can't believe that he has been able to get back to such a high level of activity and I am delighted that he has had such an excellent result. Seeing him today with a full range of motion in both knees, no pain, and back to all of his normal activities is a very good feeling in terms of this as a success story.

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adrian wilson

Adrian Wilson

All images and videos below are at 8 months following his second surgery.