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Research Update June 2016


Arthrex Orthopaedic Technology & Innovation Forum – Naples, Florida 10-11 Jan 2016
  • Multiligament GraftLink® Reconstruction with the ALL Wilson AJ
Arthrex Live Knee Surgery Symposium – Basingstoke, England 22 Jan 2016
  • All-Inside ACL Technique and Results Wilson AJ
  • All-Inside ACL & ALL – Live Surgery Wilson AJ and Risebury MJ
  • All-Inside PCL and Minimally Invasive Larson PLC – Cadaveric Demo Wilson AJ and Thompson P
ArthoLab UK Knee Symposium – Munich, Germany 23 Feb 2016
  • ACL repair and Internal Brace – personal experience, updates and outcomes Wilson AJ
  • ACL repair workshop – Cadaveric Demo Wilson AJ
BASK Annual Spring Meeting 2016 – Liverpool, England 30-31 Mar 2016
  • Coronal knee alignment: reliability of weightbearing & non-weightbearing short vs long leg radiographs Yasen SK, Borton Z, Elson D, Britton E, Risebury M and Wilson AJ
  • Trends in the oxford knee score following medial-opening wedge high tibial osteotomy & the impact of kellgren-lawrence grade Yasen SK, Palmer HC, Elson D, Dawson M, Wilson C and Wilson AJ
  • Combined Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction with Knee Realignment Osteotomy (E-Poster) Yasen SK, Smith JO, Britton EM, Palmer HC, Risebury MJ, Wilson AJ
  • Slope Changing Anterior Tibial Osteotomy using Biological Plating (E-Poster) Dean MW, Yasen SK, Elson DW, Britton EM, Sabnis BM, Wilson AJ
Internal Brace in Focus – Linz, Austria22 Apr 2016
  • Paedatric ACL repair Wilson AJ
Gothenburg, Sweden 9 May 2016
  • All-Inside ACL Reconstruction – Live Surgery Wilson AJ
  • High Tibial Osteotomy – Live Surgery Wilson AJ
17th ESSKA Congress – Barcelona, Spain 4-7 May 2016
  • Conservative vs. Surgical Treatment Wilson AJ
  • MIS Technique: Results in HTO Wilson AJ
  • Osteotomy registries: The Scandinavian and British Approaches Elson D, W-Dahl Annette
  • Medial opening wedge high tibial osteotomy improves outcomes for patients: A multicentre cohort study Elson D, Vint H, Palmer H, Risebury M, Wilson C, Dawson M, Wilson A
  • Successful outcome in a large cohort of distal femoral osteotomies (E-Poster) Elson D, Vint H, Palmer H, Risebury M, Wilson C, Dawson M, Wilson A
  • Complications of osteotomy (E-Poster) Ellapparadja P, Elson D, Pengas Y, Smith J, Dawson M, Wilson A, Wilson C, Risebury M
  • Osteotomies around the knee and unicompartmental knee replacement: A comparison of functional outcomes at 2 yearsPalmer J, Patel S, Risebury M, Briant-Evans T, Rossiter N, Thomas N, Britton J, Wilson A
  • 10 bullet points of high tibial osteotomy – medial opening vs lateral closing Wilson A, Neyret P
  • Biomechanical Comparison of Anatomic All-Inside Two, Three and Four Socket AnteriorCruciate Ligament Reconstructions (E-Poster) Lord B, El-Daou H, Sabnis B, Wilson A, Amis A
  • Graft compression in ACL reconstruction (E-Poster) Lord B, Calaco H, Wilson A, Amis A
  • Resident battle: ALL reconstruction in ACL repair; YES! Di Sarsina R, Lord B
  • The role of fibres within the tibial attachment of the ACL in resisting tibial displacement (E-Poster) Lord B, El-Dauo H, Zdanowicz U, Smigielski R, Amis A
International Knee Arthroscopy Course – Munich, Germany 24 May 2016
  • Multi-Ligament Injury Treatment (Internal Bracing) Wilson AJ
  • Revision ACL & PCL Reconstruction with combined ALL Reconstruction Wilson AJ
  • Arthroscopic Reconstruction of the Popliteus Complex Wilson AJ
  • Biologics in Ligament Reconstruction Wilson AJ
Wessex Regional Trainee Meeting – Basingstoke, United Kingdom 27 May 2016
  • Introduction to Knee Surgery Yasen SK
  • ACL surgery: Reconstruction and Repair Wilson AJ
  • PCL: Anatomy, biomechanics, surgical perspectives Yasen SK
  • Meniscal Surgery: Repair, Synthetics and Transplant Risebury MJ
  • Osteotomy around the knee: Distal Femoral, High Tibial and Combined Osteotomy and Ligament Surgery Wilson AJ
  • Knee Arthroplasty: TKR planning principles, unicompartmental arthroplasty and revision TKR indications & modern surgical approaches Yasen SK, Risebury MJ
The Gauvain Society, Annual Scientific Meeting 2016 – Dorchester, United Kingdom 10 June 2016
  • Trends in the Oxford Knee Score Following Medial-Opening Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy & The Impact of Kellgren-Lawrence GradeYasen SK, Palmer HC, Wilson AJ
  • Coronal Knee Alignment: Reliability of Weightbearing and Non-Weightbearing Short Leg vs. Long Leg Radiographs Yasen SK, Borton ZM, Palmer HC
  • ​All-Inside PCL reconstruction: Techniques & Postoperative Outcomes’ Nicholls A, Yasen SK, Lord BR, Palmer HC
  • Graft compression in ACL Reconstruction Lord BR, Wilson AJ
  • The role of fibres within the tibial attachment of the ACL in resisting tibial displacement Lord BR, Wilson AJ
Cork, Ireland10 June 2016
  • Innovations in Osteotomy and Ligament Surgery Wilson AJ
Medi European Sports Symposium – Malaga, Spain 16-18 Jun 2016
  • ACL Repair Yasen SK and Wilson AJ
  • PCL Reinforced Yasen SK and Wilson AJ
Northern Osteotomy Masterclass – Newcastle, United Kingdom 23-24 Jun 2016
  • The evolution of intended correction and surgical accuracy Elson D
  • Osteotomy combined with ACL Reconstruction Risebury M
  • Osteotomy combined with meniscal or articular cartilage reconstruction Wilson A
  • Surgical technique HTO Wilson A
  • Joint Preservation; Actimotion with meniscal, PFJ & ligament procedures Wilson A
  • Osteotomy results: past, present and future Dawson M
  • Principles of osteotomy planning Howard D
  • Planning with TraumaCAD Howard D
  • Planning with Sectra Orthostation Package Elson D
  • Complications of osteotomy surgery: A modern and historical perspective Britton E
  • Biological plating Risebury M



  • Yasen S, Palmer HC, Borton Z Eyre-Brooks AI, Cotterill S, Risebury MJ, Wilson AJ. Clinical Outcomes of Anatomic, All-Inside, Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction. (The Knee)
  • Borton ZM, Yasen SK, Britton EM, Heath S, Palmer HC, Wilson AJ. Combined all-inside anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction and minimally-invasive posterolateral corner (PLC) reconstruction using a single set of hamstring autografts. (Arthroscopic Techniques)
  • Yasen SK, Borton ZM, Lord BR, Palmer HC, Wilson AJ. TriLink PCL Reconstruction (Arthroscopic Techniques)


  • Total Knee Replacement for a Varus Deformity (ESSKA Academy) Risebury MJ, Thomas NP and Wilson AJ
  • Slope Changing Osteotomy of the Proximal Tibia using the Biological Plating Technique (ESSKA Academy) Wilson AJ
  • High Tibial Osteotomy – Planning, Outcomes and Surgical Technique (ESSKA Academy) Thomas NP and Wilson AJ
  • Combined Delta AnteroLateral Ligament Reconstruction with All-Inside ACL Reconstruction (ESSKA Academy) Wilson AJ
  • Combined All-Inside ACL Reconstruction with AnteroLateral Ligament Reconstruction (ESSKA Academy) Getgood A, Sylnarski K, Claes S and Wilson AJ


  • GOAL Study
  • PSI HTO Study
  • Bespoke Bone Wedges HTO Audit
  • Percutaneous PLC techniques paper
  • Slope changing HTO techniques paper
  • Outcomes of HTO Paper
  • Outcomes of DFO Paper
  • ​Ligament Reinforcement Paper
  • TruFit Paper

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Basingstoke Researchers


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