Loving to Run: The Shock of Running

Love to run: The Shock of Running

As the title of this article states, we will be covering running, however have no fear, I am not going to bombard you with statements like this is the new best way to run or run like this for the best success because quite frankly I do not agree with these bold statements because your body decides how it wants to run, not your brain.

Every single time you plant your foot on the ground, the force of the impact has to absorbed in the correct way in order to avoid injury.

What I am going to focus on is the importance of shock absorption when running. This is something that runners do not often focus on.

We are Designed to Run

We were built with a amazing shock absorption system in the foot. When we run and our front foot impacts the floor, a joint at the bottom of our foot and ankle complex called the sub-talar joint rolls into a position called eversion, this allows the slight movement of a bone called the navicular which unlocks the foot and causes the bones in the foot to spray out and absorb the impact.

Every individual compensates for this lack of motion differently, you may not even know that you have this problem until you increase your training and intensity.

However, due to environmental factors, injury and poor footwear, this joint can lose motion. If it loses motion and doesn’t allow you to go into adequate version, the shock absorption will be forced to occur in another part of the body which causes problems such as knee pain, hip pain, back pain and shoulder pain.

When running, consider the shoes that you are wearing and the surface you are running on. We are designed to run, but if you don’t take the neccesary precautiouns, you could cause serious damage to your body in the long run.

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