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The course is in 6 Parts
and will cover the key issues of management of ACL injury in Children
Part 1: How Children differ from Adults when it comes to ACL injury

You will learn about the different types of ACL injury in children, and their evaluation. 

Part 2: Surgical Options in managing ACL tears in children

You will learn about the issue of the growth plates and what options there are for preserving both limb growth and the articular cartilage.

Part 3: The Exact Location of the Injury & the role of an internal brace

You will learn how internal bracing may help with rehabilitation irrespective of the location of the damage.

Part 4: Proximal Detachment from Femur - case example

You will follow a case presentation of a young girl, which includes an interview with both patient and father, and details of the findings and the surgical steps.

Part 5: Mid-substance ACL Injury - case example

This case presentation is that of an active young boy with mid-substance damage. It includes an interview with the mother.

Part 6: Distal Detachment from Tibia with bony avulsion - case example

This case presentation is of a girl who suffered a tibial avulsion fracture.