Meniscal Root Reconstruction


During April 2017 I found that walking was becoming very painful within my knee, particularly climbing steps. This was a pain I had never had before but there had been no identifiable trauma in the recent past to cause it.

My GP’s were sympathetic but did not provide much help other than some crutches and to offer physiotherapy. As an active person with 3 horses to look after I needed to get a diagnosis faster than was being offered. I organised my own MRI and searched for the most appropriate specialist. Through a mixture of recommendations, research and some good luck I came upon Professor Wilson.

Using my MRI scan he identified the torn meniscus at my first appointment. He explained the long term consequences of ignoring it versus the pain and disruption of elective surgery. I chose the latter and the operation to repair the torn meniscus was scheduled post haste in early May.

I have not had surgery of this type before and despite having a clear idea of the theory the actuality was rather daunting. Once I was awake Professor Wilson visited me to explain that my knee was exactly as he had expected from the scan and that the operation had gone well.

Immediate post-op recovery was slow and, for me, painful and the period of non-weight-bearing difficult. Weight-bearing brought its own difficulties but slowly, following physiotherapy over the summer, I began to walk more easily as the swelling decreased and my muscles strengthened.

By September I was able to take a country walk for about three miles - a major milestone. Throughout, Professor Wilson was able to provide a clear explanation of what was happening and why. Later scans showed the meniscus to have fully healed. This is a great result and although not yet feeling ‘normal’ I am back riding my horse and doing my normal activities. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be on the receiving end of this astonishing procedure. The alternative doesn’t bear thinking about. 

adrian wilson

Alison has done really well following her meniscal root reconstruction on the medial side.

This is a new procedure and one that I have helped to pioneer with the company that made the devices which make it possible. It's devastating when the meniscal root fails and it is often the end of the knee - it causes extreme pain and misery.

It's been a long road but Alison has done really well.

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