Minimally invasive HTO


Andrew is doing very well following his left HTO done in May 2018 - he was amazed that the surgery was done through such a minimally invasive approach.

Andrew is a really lovely guy who I have been looking after for some time. I first saw him in July of 2017 and he had a typical story of somebody in their early 50s struggling with medial compartment arthritis of their knee. He was at the time a 55 year old retired paratrooper who played a lot of rugby and was getting catching and locking in the medial side of his left knee.

We looked at all the different options and got the alignment X-rays. The knee showed that he was in varus with quite severe arthritis of the medial compartment of the left knee.

High Tibial Osteotomy

He elected to go for osteotomy surgery which I carried out in May 2018 and I am delighted to say that he has made a very good recovery and is now totally pain free and walking better on his left knee than he has done for years. He is delighted with such a good early result as am I and again this is testament to the power of osteotomy particularly in this active age group with isolated disease involving just one side of the knee.


Andrew can't believe that the procedure was able to be carried out through such a tiny incision. I think this minimally-invasive is one of the reasons why we get these people back and active so quickly following osteotomy surgery.

Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson

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