Minimally-invasive osteotomy procedure with a bone wedge

Stephen is an extremely fit 63 year old solicitor who had a nasty blow in 1979 when he ruptured his PCL which was treated non-surgically.

He has had arthroscopies in the past, and his last procedure was in 2001. Since this time he has had nagging pain which he has felt most days and worse since the summer of 2017. He had been playing tennis, but got to the point where walking was really becoming difficult and he had significant weakness. He rates his pain on an 8/10 on a VAS (visual analogue score) on a fairly regular basis.

When I examined him he was in slight varus and had some stiffness. He was Grade III PCL-deficient. We talked about all the different options and, having done the appropriate investigations, he opted eventually to go for an osteotomy.

I am delighted to say that at 6 weeks - having had a minimally-invasive osteotomy procedure with a bone wedge - Stephen was able to walk in without his crutches, virtually pain free. He had a near-full range of motion of the knee and all of his arthritic symptoms have completely settled. He obviously still has a way to go in terms of full recovery, but one can see on his X-rays that his bone wedge is consolidating nicely and is showing signs of early healing even at this 6-week stage and the alignment looks spot-on.

He is a great testament to how quickly people can bounce back from osteotomy surgery and I am delighted he has done so well.

Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson

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